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If diet and exercise haven’t given you the shape or results you want, body contouring can help you address those problem areas.

Today’s body contouring procedures can treat large areas and small problem areas as well. Laser-assisted lipolysis targets and liquifies fat in trouble spots, like your abdomen, thighs, arms, and neck, allowing for the fat to then be removed with a small canula. Not only is SmartLipo less invasive than traditional liposuction due to the laser allowing for a gentle procedure, but skin tightening is also achieved, due to the laser tightening.

This advanced, less invasive liposuction technique, is done in the comfort and convenience of our beautiful, relaxing women's center.

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We have another amazing Botox and Bubbly event scheduled. Join Dr. Elrod and staff on Friday night, (2/9/18) from 5-8pm to take advantage of the best Botox special! On this night only, you will be able to get your Botox treatment for only $11/unit, normally $12.50.

At Integrated Women's Wellness one of the many technologies we utilize is Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy, or PRP for short.

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